Vibe Nielsen wrote her PhD thesis Demanding Recognition: Curatorial Challenges in the Exhibition of Art from South Africa (2019) as part of the Global Europe research project exploring how the collection, circulation, classification and museum exhibition of objects define Europe from the outside in. Through anthropological fieldwork, as well as historical and museological methods, her thesis examines contemporary curatorial practices in South Africa. Vibe Nielsen explores how curators and artists navigate in art circles, where demands for recognition through representation are often heard. Her research primarily takes place in museums in South Africa, but also in a number of European museums, in order to highlight how art from South Africa has been and is exhibited in museums based in South Africa's former colonial powers. Before her appointment as PhD Fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Vibe Nielsen worked at the National Museum of Denmark as Curator of Public Programmes. She received her Master Degree in Museum Studies at University College London in 2012 and her Master Degree in Modern Culture at the University of Copenhagen in 2015. In the final thesis of her MA in Museum Studies she explored the dissemination of the British involvement in the transatlantic slave trade in museums in London and Liverpool. This was an aspect she researched further in the final thesis of her MA in Modern Culture, where she analysed how Danish and British museums in different ways are dealing with their countries’ colonial pasts.